How to Choose the Right Fatigue Risk Management Consultant

Choosing a Fatigue Management consultant

Sleep-related fatigue is drawing the attention of an increasing number of organizations. This is being driven, in part, by new rules, regulations and standards that are requiring organizations to use current fatigue science to address the risks associated with sleep-related fatigue.  This has created an opportunity for an increasing number of consultants to offer fatigue risk management services.  Organizations are now encountering a new challenge; not only do they have to address the risks associated with sleep-related fatigue, they have to select the right Fatigue Risk Management Consultant (FRM-C) for their needs.

Here is a suggested rating scale to help you choose the right FRM-C for you.  When completing the scale, keep in mind that you are rating the actual person who will be doing the work for you, not the company for whom they work. You can use this scale to objectively compare the FRM-C’s you are considering hiring.

Blog image - FRM-Consultant Rating

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