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  • 3 Ways to Leverage your Culture for Fatigue Management Success

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3 Ways to Leverage your Culture for Fatigue Management Success


Live, recorded 45 minute webinar with hosts:

Carol Ring – Organizational Culture Specialist
Clinton Marquardt – Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

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Does this sound familiar? You have carefully designed your fatigue management policies and procedures to make sure they are consistent with the science of fatigue or your industry’s guidelines, you have made sure they are easy to follow, you have thoughtfully planned out the steps to roll out your strategy, and then you launch it. But then, Bam! You hit a Roadblock.

Your team won’t get on board! They won’t follow your procedures or they won’t fully commit to helping you manage fatigue or they downright fight you on every initiative. Your frustration builds and you start to feel that you might not get anywhere with managing fatigue.

Wait! Don’t give up. Take a moment to imagine what it would be like if everyone began:

  • Speaking openly about sleep and fatigue issues
  • Happily following your procedures
  • Offering to help you with your initiatives without you having to ask
  • Coming to you with solutions instead of fighting you every step of the way

This webinar will provide:

  • A super straightforward method of measuring your fatigue management success
  • Signs to watch for to know if your culture is going to be a roadblock
  • 3 Actions you can take right now to start moving your culture in the right direction


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