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Introductory 10 Pack Info-Graphics


A savings of $2 off each Hi-Res Info-Graphic!

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Digital downloads that you are free to print as many times as you like!

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Trying to promote good sleep habits, or encourage employees to have sleep studies done? Or perhaps you want some reminders for yourself on how to plan schedules with fatigue management in mind? We’ve got you covered with this 10 pack!

  • Overcoming Occasional Insomnia
  • Exercise and Sleep
  • Sleep Deprivation Effects on Your Brain
  • Sleep Deprivation Effects on Your Heart
  • SMS/FRMS Continuous Improvement Process
  • 4 Things the Number 8 and Sleep Have in Common
  • Want Better Sleep? Tips for the Shift-Worker
  • Snoring…Might be worse than you think
  • What’s your sleep environment like?
  • Night-Shift Scheduling

These are digital products to be downloaded after purchase.


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  • Embed it in your internal training, awareness or communication program in digital or print formats

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  • Re-sell it

For all other purposes or uses of your purchased digital product, please contact the Fatigue Managers Network to discuss your intentions.