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  • Turning Traditional Safety Investigations into Powerful Change Processes

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Turning Traditional Safety Investigations into Powerful Change Processes


Live, recorded 1 hour webinar with hosts:

Marc-André Poisson- Author, Speaker, Instructor

Clinton Marquardt – Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

Also included in this download:

Investigation Terminology Info-Graphic

Whodunit – Safety Investigation Flowchart Template


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Do you get frustrated by the lack of change after you have worked so hard on a safety investigation?

Do you ever feel a little defeated because the corrective actions you so skillfully crafted get put on hold?

Have you ever thought that your safety investigations could be more meaningful for safety?

Marc-André Poisson’s approach to safety investigations will change all that, you won’t be able to look at your investigations the same way ever again.

His approach guides you through a process to make sense of all the Chaos contributing to safety incidents and accidents. Understanding the Chaos will explode your Knowledge about the Truths behind why the accident really happened. If you know the Truths, you can better identify the focus of your findings and develop corrective actions that will transform safety.

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like if you could:

  • Feel like your safety investigations were actually making a difference.
  • Truly enjoy doing safety investigations by knowing that your corrective actions will be more likely to fix the problems.
  • Use your safety investigations as a powerful change processes to transform safety.

It all starts with One secret…a secret that Marc-André Poisson will share with you in this Webinar.

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